Wednesday 17 August 2011

PAF - residency

Day 1 -

Presence - Transformation -Time -Memory

Prelimanary discussion

To Set-up a situation of event for working together in the studio -

  •  A series of exercises (each contribute) -
  • A list of moment of absence (each contribute)

To record the account of what is going -on - How do we document?

Overarching key notions

Exposing dance inside the body

Transformation in performance - 2 phases - part of the performers' self exist in the body of the audience
A moment of transformation - a moment of becoming
Self as action

Attention - attunement - relation
Creating invisible threads

Form & formlessness = training

The inhuman performer: What is it that is not you but that is not someone else?
Performer imagination - transformation  / Viewer imagination - transformation

Arriving - becoming present-

Moving out of the head, to a landscape of feeling, memory, impulse and dream ....
''reading Deleuze as a dream book - as a challenge of the notion of grasping'' Susan

Practicing exercises:
4''33 Cage  - focus out
Small dance Paxton - focus in
Blind walk - out
Pairing with percentage - giving / supporting - 80/50/20
Embodied reading - Forti Newspapper

Practical 1
Memory Gestures improvisation: Directed gestures/actions using images - not through imagination but through being (feeling versus thinking)  Here connection with being and the deleuzian notion of actualisation - virtual technology.

Practical 2
Butho Fu Improvisation:
1 place
1 figure
1 oject
1 environment
1 landsacape
1 verbe
1 sensory information

Butho fu *1

Endless dark corridor,
Sunlight coming through each lonely rooms
Steps echoing from an old time, don't leave any traces in the creaking planks
Turn left, right, get lost in the corner,
In the fire brace, she is waiting for our eyes to find her nails padding the featherless peacock
Through the hole in the wall the helicopter dance with the eagles


  1. follow invisible threads
  2. jump back into a picture
  3. dance 3 min like your father
  4. carry forward and let go
  5. think about something boring and make it interesting
Sensation composition from improvisation - A score-

Remembering traces of gestures
As soon as you find variation, you change the sensation
Alter the intensity of the sensation
Come back to neutral
Remember the sensation, feel it but don't do
Apply the sensation to of the gesture to another gesture ( the next one)
Go back to the other gesture
Transform and merge the other 2 gestures
Use the other gestures to break form the pattern of repetition

Reflection and comments
We can't quantify sensation, they are only quality

Day 2


  • Going back to 5 gestures
  • going back to butho fu
  • doing a durational improvisation - something we witness evolving for 30 min
  • partnering sensation - impulse (eye contact -duo)

Reflection and comment

Active viewing= action
Observing what are the threshold when the observer start to interrupt/interfere with the action going on