Thursday, 14 April 2011


''Today I will begin by copying'' Italo Calvino 

This post could also be called 'Stolen Frames'
It is an ongoing and accumulative list of frames that I come across during my research.
Here, I am recognising the use of stealing as a strategy to practice a 'creative research and assembly' (Brian Saner - 1996:71-74 in Small Acts of Repairs, p.60)
I have identified my own voice in italics.

What is coming in to body - how the body impact on the outside in a constant inter-change 
Accumulation from letting go 
Rocking out of it from the periphery back into the centre - 'Widening the field' 
Oregami- Complexity of forms - details of the quality and association
Writing from the movement of the breath ( feeling it in the body) 
Miranda Tufnell ( Workshop SD 07/04/11) 

Signifying is coding
Communication is about decoding a language 

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