Thursday, 14 April 2011


Initial Research Questions relating to Collaboration in Choreographic practices:

1. Considering the complex nexus of institutional criteria and evaluative mechanisms that are in place, what are the parameters which define the ethos of collaborating artists?
2. How as artists do we make sense of each other?
3. How, while using an economy of production based on senses and affects, can we claim to participate in or contribute to the knowledge economy?
4. Following from the above, can contemporary artists offer viable models for experimentation or resistance (to dominant codes and values?
This post is an on going and accumulative list of questions informed by my research. Those questions are sometime owned by other people and are listed as an empirical fit to my research.
The use of italic represent my own voice and the coloured font are to identified a long term dialogue

What happen when there is no narrative, no psychology?... Concepts? 
Do concepts eschew any psychology or narrative?
What is the difference between practice and creative process?

Habitus: Learning of possible rhythm of being - patters -
How does it inform our taste in art?   (Susan Melrose)

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