Thursday, 14 April 2011

Memories from a stone -

This big storm in India,
While I was walking up the mountain with myself
It broke
A lot of water falling down in a very short time
And then this little hut with the old man
Having found shelter
Smoking a perfumed cigarette
And then sharing a hot tea
Smiling a lot
Looking out at the valley in front
Looking at the dogs playing in poodles
Wanting to record that moment
A moment of beauty, peace encounter
The warm tea, the burning cigarette and the flood of the rain


Waiting for the next breath
The next impulse to guide us
To find a new ALWAYS new orientation
Listening to an orientation
Digging in
Other movements from closed eyes
Witnessing a witness witnessing
Intensity and moment of rest
Three dimensional sound
Cutting out
What comes out more?
What highlight?
What to choose?
A tree, a bee, a church bell ringing in the scattered air

Remembering / Feeling
Swaying to find the tunning
To the image
To the moment
Looking actively within
out for that moment
Breath in
With the out comes the move
Impulse of the arm
The weight going down
Ah the image of the old man appears
somewhere inside of my body
My bones feel heavier
Resting down
Taking in again
Waiting for the cusp of the breath
That moment just before
The breath exhale
Again travel out
That moment is the moment
The in-betweens
What shape has my body when that moment comes?
Sensation are harder to imagine
To render physically
To bring movement to sensation

( From Miranda Tufnell's Workshop)

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